The Pursuit of a Good Night's Sleep

The Pursuit of a Good Night’s Sleep: 10 ways to get the zzz’s you need.

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Sleep deprivation is similar to alcohol intoxication in how it impacts our ability to function. 50 to 70 million people in the US suffer from one or more sleep disorders and it’s no wonder. Only 21% of Americans get the recommended seven to eight hours sleep each night. The number of distractions and lifestyle choices that interfere with healthy sleep …

12 Signs You’re Under Too Much Stress

12 Signs You’re Under Too Much Stress + Natural Solutions for Relief

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Stress is pretty unavoidable these days. It’s how the brain and body respond to any demand. Every type of demand, or stressor, such as exercise, work, school, significant life changes, or traumatic events—can be stressful. Simply turn on the TV, check your email or voicemail, or scroll through your Instagram feed – it’s all rife with stressful news.   Not all stress is …

Prepare Your Mind and Body for the Fall Season

7 Ways to Prepare Your Mind and Body for the Fall Season

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With the approach of fall, Mother Nature begins the transition from the high energy summer season of bright, warm, longer days to a winding down, signaled by falling leaves, shorter, darker days, cooler weather and a general downshift in the cycle of life. This seasonal shift isn’t limited to a change in our natural environment, but also has a profound …

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Summer Skin Saviors

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ROOT WHOLE BODY JUNE 16, 2019 NATURAL REMEDIES,  ORGANIC FACIALS + CLEAN BEAUTY,  ORGANIC SKIN CARE 1 COMMENT The Summer sun can be brutal and wreak havoc on our skin, even in the often-cloudy Pacific Northwest! As we are spending more time outside this season, here are a few simple yet effective things you can do to protect your skin …

The Truth About Toxins

The Truth About Toxins in Beauty Products

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Are you familiar with the term “body burden”?  Body burden is the amount of a toxic substance, or toxic load, that builds up in the body over time. Over the past fifteen years, the CDC has tested over 10,000 people in an attempt to determine their “toxic load”.  The results identified hundreds of synthetic chemicals in their bloodstream, many of them present before birth. So, how …

What is Whole Body Health?

What is Whole Body Health?

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Whole Body Health is a 360-degree view of one’s health, acknowledging the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors in a person’s ability to thrive, not merely survive. At Root, we support the journey to total health & wellness by focusing on what we refer to as the Four Pillars of Whole Body Health. FOOD as Medicine Health starts here. What …