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Home Remedies For When You Over Do It

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Sadly, Summer is coming to an end and the weather will slowly be changing to a cooler temperament. This means less outdoor activities, but more opportunity to take care of your body and nurse any injuries or strains you may have acquired from all your Summer fun! What To Do When You Overdo It: Below are 4 suggestions for at-home …

How Cupping Complements Acupuncture

Got Allergies? How Cupping Complements Acupuncture for Immunity and Detoxification

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  April showers bring May flowers…and sneezes. Tree, grass, and pollen allergies run rampant in the spring months, leaving us more likely to be found in the pharmacy aisle than the great outdoors. Fortunately, a complementary form of Chinese medicine called “cupping” can help combat allergies, support detoxification, and boost immunity.  what is it? Cupping is a form of non-invasive …

Redefining your Yoga Practice

Redefining your Yoga Practice: Life Lessons from the Mat

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By Jeannette Sager, Yoga Instructor at Root Whole Body In the years that I’ve been teaching yoga full time, my personal practice has dwindled. . .and died. It wasn’t even a slow fade – one day I had a yoga practice, and the next day, I didn’t. It’s not difficult to describe the reasons why a yoga teacher would neglect …

When Winter Weather is a pain

When Winter Weather is a pain…literally.

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By: Root Chiropractor- Daniel Agosta, DC MS During the winter season, snow can be hit or miss in this city. In recent years, Portland typically receives at least a few inches each winter, sometimes more. For a city ill equipped to deal with snow, this often presents navigational challenges. In the event that snow does accumulate, we can find ourselves …

5 nutrients essential for heart health

Are you deficient in these 5 nutrients essential for heart health?

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By: Root Naturopath, Dr. Katherine Walker, ND Your heart beats approximately 86,400 times a day, day after day, year after year.  As the month of February brings awareness to American Heart Health Month, we wanted to take this time as a reminder for prevention. Heart disease can often be PREVENTED when people make healthy choices and manage their health conditions.  …

How to 'eat clean' without blowing your budget

How to ‘eat clean’ without blowing your budget

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By: Root Naturopath, Dr. Nicole Kilian ND, LAC The start of a new year often coincides with a desire to adopt healthier eating habits. However, changing your diet is not an easy undertaking. I know this from personal experience and from my work as a naturopathic doctor, as dietary counseling is a large part of my practice. One of the major hurdles I face with my …

Fasting to cleanse?

Fasting to cleanse? Here’s how.

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By: Root Acupuncurist, Casey McCullough Fasting for purification can be a great way to kickstart a healthier you by enhancing your health, attitude and getting you on track after holidays or vacations where we tend to overindulge.  When I talk about “detoxing” or “cleansing”, I’m not talking about it in the literal sense of purging all of the toxins or waste from the …

Power-Packed Elixir

Fire Cider DIY, Your New Go-to-Tonic & Power-Packed Elixir

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Fire Cider (Adapted from Mountain Rose Herbs) Sometimes the best medicine is the kind you can make at home. Root Community, meet FIRE CIDER, your new go-to-tonic and flavor booster for cold and flu season. Fire cider is, as the name implies, a pungent, power-packed elixir used to prevent or shorten colds and the flu. In traditional Chinese medicine, many …

Need to Know Before Holiday Feasting

One Digestive Trick You Need to Know Before Holiday Feasting

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‘Tis the season of overindulgence (for many of us at least). Before and after your next holiday feast, think about adding digestive bitters into the mix. As the name implies, digestive bitters are a mixture of bitter herbs used to promote healthy digestive function and disperse accumulation of food, “dampness,” and “heat” in the body. These accumulations can cause us to feel heavy, …

Preparation Tips for International &amp

Preparation Tips for International & Holiday Travel

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Whether you’re traveling across the country or just across town this holiday season, these tips from our Naturopath, Dr. Nicole Killian, will ensure the time you spend with your loved ones is happy & healthy. Keep reading for immunity support, digestion, natural first-aid, and more Please consult with a healthcare provider about your specific allergies, constitution, and conditions before starting …