Kat Ulrich

Licensed Massage Therapist
Kat brings her wisdom and experience to every customized massage session to create a restorative and transformative experience for her clients.  Her passion is working with those challenged with a health issue, as her massage style is slow, gentle and intentional.  She finds purpose in working with cancer patients, those currently in treatment or post treatment, helping patients manage the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and reduce the stress that is inherent in a cancer diagnosis. Restorative massage is generally slower, allowing the body to receive the therapeutic touch without pain or tension.
Kat practices the philosophy of encouraging the body to correct itself and she loves using Cranial Sacral Therapy as a means of doing that. She also likes to use Manual Lymphatic Drainage, which helps move the cellular waste out of the body. This is comforting and beneficial even without a diagnosis of lymphedema.  A perpetual student of her work, Kat is always expanding her skills and interests – as it supports her clients’  evolution of self, the opening of self to love, care, and healing.