Katie Jenkins

Licensed Massage Therapist

I’m Katie and I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for about five years now. I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts and I feel super blessed to have a career where I get to be a conduit for healing. My speciality is deep tissue massage but I am also trained in Swedish, Trigger Point, Thai, and Reiki, which all influence my style of massage. I use a lot of deep effleurage and static compression to help my client breathe into their body. I believe that movement is medicine and that combination of breath and massage can really help blood flow! My massages can be very deep, therapeutic, and a bit intense if that’s what you want. I’m just present to listen and push your body to let go. I’m passionate about what I do and love helping people release pain, stress, and tension; and reconnect with the moment, their body and breath. I’d love to work with you soon! Blessings!