Rick Gonzalez

Licensed Massage Therapist

After a 30-year career as a professional classical ballet dancer, teacher and coach, I include massage therapy as a natural progression to my continuing curiosity and love of the human body. From dancer, to runner, to athlete, movement is my passion and helping my clients move is my purpose.

My philosophy is that anything we want to do, feel, or experience has to come through the body. Therefore, having a body that is healthy, moves well, is relatively free of pain, and that supports us in all our life activities is an incredibly empowering achievement. This is why I have always been physical and always interested in various health and personal growth practices for body/mind/spirit. I bring decades of personal and professional exploration as well as knowledge to each session. My curiosity is a catalyst to continually expand the depth of my knowledge and experience of massage therapy and bring all these insights to each session. I look forward to working with your unique body!