Tessa Tovar

Health Coach, Hatha, Meditation, Vinyasa, Yoga, Yin

Tessa is a Holistic Health Coach, Meditation and Yoga teacher that brings a whole body health approach to each client. She holds a certification in Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and has attained over 500+ hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings from Yoga Alliance accredited schools. She works with the belief that every person’s approach to yoga and overall health should be customized to the individual in order to build a comprehensive and sustainable personal practice.

Tessa’s style of health coaching encompasses her clients mental and spiritual health, as well as their physical and nutritional nature. With your consultation, Tessa will create a tailored plan that feels authentic and achievable to each individual.

This plan will be broken up into 6 tiers:

  • Primary food review & education
  • Secondary food review & education
  • Tailored meal planning
  • Grocery shopping tips & tricks + Grocery lists
  • Meditations to create a healthy and intuitive relationship with your food
  • Tailored yoga practice and mindfulness behaviors to support your health journey

In Tessa’s words: “Set an intention to commit to your health. Recognize that you have the power to live your best life, body, mind, and soul. Together we will develop a personalized program to help you actualize the best version of yourself that is sustainable actionable and authentic to you!”