A Holistic Approach to Health, Healing + Weight Loss

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There are many ways to slice up the pie of human existence – prana+chakras of the Indian tradition, chi+meridians of the Chinese tradition, physical, etheric + astral bodies of the esoteric tradition. Western science talks about the mental/emotional, physical, physiological and chemical realms.

A holistic approach to healing, weight loss, and health means that there is an understanding that all of these slices aren’t compartmentalized, but each is woven into the other, altering one slice will have an affect on the others.

When working to achieve ones ideal weight, a holistic approach takes into account not just diet, nutrition, and exercise, but the underlying belief systems and attitudes that are the source of one’s current habits of self care and nourishment.

In holistic weight loss, we are working with not just dropping physical weight, but the weight of thoughts, emotions and feelings that don’t serve us, that we carry with us from the past, that will continue to weigh us down in the future until we find the place where we can let it go.

Losing weight holistically means finding true freedom. It takes time, it takes patience, compassion for yourself and an attitude and desire to transform as opposed to “I want to fix something that’s wrong”.

At Root, we encourage you to explore a holistic approach to health, healing and weight loss.

Ask about our complimentary 360 wellness consults and our 28-day MIND-BODY cleanse (don’t worry, it’s not just greens!), which incorporates nutrition plus IST therapy, a meditation-based psychotherapeutic approach to addressing unhealthy habits at the root source.

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