Brittany Kerr

Power Flow, Restorative, Yoga Foundations

I came upon my first Kripalu yoga class while I was living in Barcelona. I was hyper-competitive and chronically overwhelmed by fast-paced city life. Attending that class gave me the opportunity to disconnect and decompress, settle into being me without an expectation. As Kripalu means “compassion” in Sanskrit, the classes encouraged me to be kinder to my body and listen to it, which resulted in an overall increase in self-awareness and well-being. I sought out Kripalu for my teacher training because it’s a modality that is student-centered. It can be amped up or brought down, depending on where you are at that moment. Yoga has been my reset button for more than a decade. My classes offer a gratifying union of lively exercise and relaxing meditation. They promote curiosity, while focusing on helping students learn awareness around asana structure, alignment and multi-dimensional benefits. I enjoy motivating my students to play with the edges of their perceived limits.