Jeanette Sager

Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Foundations

A lifelong ballerina, Jeannette first started yoga when she had trouble finding adult ballet classes. Her second yoga class left her feeling like she “was flying on a unicorn with wings.” After that – she was hooked. Jeannette started teaching restorative yoga as a way to work with a family member with limited mobility and found herself branching into many other areas of teaching over the years – including hatha and vinyasa, to working with kids and even bringing yoga into prisons. Teaching yoga has been a humbling, rewarding and sanity-maintaining experience through many years of grad school. Even after racking up a pile of degrees, she can’t imagine a life without teaching! Sharing the practices that have helped reduce stress and instill a mindset of self-compassion and acceptance, in her own life, is what she loves most and aspires to bring to every class.