Jennifer Siegel

Yoga Foundations, Yin, Restorative

After years providing manual therapy to hospice patients – my body started to wear out. I took some time off to study Yin Yoga, which helped soothe all the tendinitis and repetitive stress I accumulated in my body after years of hospice work. I’ve completed certification programs in Structural Yoga Therapy, Teacher Training through Core Pore Yoga and I also graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy with 1000+ hours of education in medical massage therapy and sports massage. I do what I do to remind people that they are important. I am grateful to be able to watch class after class of students explore their bodies, explore their breath, relax and become more mindful and strong. I’m always looking for the yoga in things. I believe that yoga really begins once a student has let go of expectations, traditions, habits and distractions and let themselves to be wholly present in their bodies, free to create their own yoga based on doing what feels good.