Patrick Geraghty

Yoga and Movement

Patrick’s yoga practice is derived from and oriented to bony and muscular anatomy. His clinical work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center East and his upbringing as a collegiate baseball athlete guides his approach to the body. His knowledge is complimented by his service at the University of Portland as a human anatomy instructor, a job he loves. Regular yoga classes will include steady, therapeutic, and strength-building flows in weight-bearing through the legs and arms while also emphasizing range of motion of the shoulders, knees, hips, and spine. This class will be beneficial for recreational movers and athletes alike. Pat believes in the unification of science and spirit in language, art, and practice. He wants to thank Michael McMahon of Portland’s Moving Mountain Institute for an ongoing collaboration that deepens a creative appreciation for connective anatomy and the art of healing. The apprenticeship and friendship of David McHenry of the Oregon Project has also supported Pat’s understanding of biomechanics and orthopedic evaluation, for which he is grateful. Lastly, he feels so fortunate to continually have the opportunity to study with Sarah Robinette, a student and ambassador of the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar.