Tina Oliva


Tina is a registered Yoga Teacher, certified MELT Method Instructor, certified Personal Trainer, and a Functional Core Specialist. She uses her multi-faceted training to teach classes that challenge the mind and body of the student. Over 12 years, Tina has guided countless hours of inspired Vinyasa, Yin, pilates, foam roller, strength and therapeutic classes that encourage students to develop and enrich their practice. Tina uses her training to calm and clear the mind through alignment, awareness, breath, and movement. Her Les Mills CX WORX certification informs her pilates, strength and foam rolling classes, focusing on the torso and sling muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body, to improve functional strength and assist in injury prevention. Tina’s approach represents the yin and yang of Eastern practices: students are guided to their highest levels through creative, flowing sequences — harmonized with healthy physical alignment, and supported by yoga philosophy and anatomical knowledge.