Avoid Stagnancy with Acupuncture

Keep your Energy Flowing and Avoid Stagnancy with Acupuncture

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In ancient China, a doctor was only paid when their client was healthy, not when they were sick.


Even when we rest, our bodies are in constant movement on the inside – or at least, they should be. Energy is meant to flow smoothly, uninterrupted, should be allowed to course its way through our body, keeping us activated and strong. We also consist of quite a bit of water – and think about it…what type of water is more clear, more pure? That of a rushing mountain stream, or of a stagnant, murky, unmoving swamp? Are your internal pathways crystal clear, or are you unknowingly harboring stagnancy?

In Oriental Medicine, prolonged stagnancy within the body can result in illness and ultimately death. All the tools in acupuncture (cupping, mox, needling) are designed to keep your chi moving and to flush out any toxins or ailments that would stand in the way.

In China, many have weekly acupuncture sessions to maintain a state of vibrant health and clear pathways for the chi to run strongly and unblocked. At Root Whole Body, we encourage that here, too. You may assume that you cannot afford weekly sessions, but when done in a group, regular sessions can still fit within your budget.

Keep your system operating at its full potential. Do an experiment. Try weekly acupuncture treatments for a couple of months, and see for yourself the difference that it makes in your day to day energy. You deserve to know what it feels like to run at full, clear, vibrant power.


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