Introducing Organic Detox Treatments for the Body

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skin-2ferAs the largest organ in our body, we believe skin care is an important and vital way to aid the body’s detoxification process.  Root skincare combines holistic principles with the finest organic products to uncover your skin’s natural beauty and sustain its optimal health.

VERA BOTANICA Austrian Moor Detox therapy for the body is a natural organic substance, thousands of years in the making, with the power to revitalize, detoxify and rebalance the skin, tissues & organs.  Manufactured entirely by nature, rich in nutrients such as: minerals, trace elements, phyto-hormones, proteins, humic and salicylic acid, vitamin and essential oils that science hasn’t come close to duplicating its therapeutic effects for the skin.

The combination of the detoxifying properties of deep sea algaes and antioxidant rich fruits eliminate environmental toxins and re-mineralize your body.  This treatment is designed to remove toxins from outside pollution, pesticides and metals. It’s full of minerals, trace elements and amino acids. The algae has circulatory and oxygen providing properties. Indian Gooseberry and Rose Hip seed oil provide high amounts of vitamin C, promoting healthy collagen formation. Treatment begins with an exfoliating scrub and includes a relaxing wrap to allow the absorption of nutrient-rich minerals to hydrate and nourish your body.  Over a period of treatments, the tone and texture of your skin will improve and may assist in combating weight and cellulite over a period of treatments.

Nutrients include:

Austrian Hellmoor Clay:  Detoxifying, balancing, anti-inflammatory

Kelp Extract (Brown Algae):  Nourishing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

Blue Green Algae:  Antiviral, antibacterial, oxygenates cells

Willow Extract (Salicylic Acid):  Astringent, toning, removes dead cells

New Zealand Mamaku Fern:  Promotes cell turnover

Chinese Cili Fruit:  Super anti-oxidant

Indian Gooseberry:  Balancing, detoxifying, rejuvenating, Vitamin C

Bengal Quince Fruit:  Antimicrobial, antiviral, antibiotic

Rosehip Seed Oil: Vitamin C, anti-oxidant, healing, helps regulate oil gland secretion

Aloe Vera Extract:  Hydrating, cooling, soothing, relieves irritation and redness

Natural Astaxanthin:  Potent anti-inflammatory, anti-aging through cellular health

We encourage you to detox your entire body each season for optimal skin health. While supplies last, receive a natural body brush (to detox at home) when you purchase an organic body detox treatment.

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