Sacred Morning Ritual

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There is something so magical about the morning. The day’s possibilities are right in front of you waiting to be awakened. But why is it that many of us dread the morning? Why do we feel the need to keep hitting the snooze button? Or why do we need that second cup of coffee to be productive?
We are told how important breakfast is and how beneficial a morning meditation practice can be for your health. However, we find ourselves getting up too late rushing around trying to get to work on time. I was one of those people.

But then one morning I woke up and instead of my normal ritual of coffee and internet cruising, I chose to lie in bed and give thanks for all that was in front of me. Throughout my day, I would recall those precious moments at the start of my day and felt peaceful. Thus, began my journey towards creating a sacred morning ritual.

Here are a couple of tips you can use to create your own sacred morning ritual:

Gratitude– Create the attitude of gratitude. Before I get out of bed, I give thanks for all that is well with my life and the beautiful world around me.

Positive Affirmations– We create our own reality, so why not create a bright sparkly one? Starting your day with positive affirmations is a great way to boost your self esteem and attract positivity. Look deep into your eyes and adore yourself with love and recognize your best facets. And if it doesn’t feel genuine, fake it till you make it!

Meditate– There are many benefits to mediation: less stress, more energy, lower blood pressure, and a better outlook on life to name a few. Some days I meditate in bed while other days I may sit in the grass. There is no right or wrong way to mediate, just do what feels comfortable to you. Take 5-10 minutes, sit quietly, follow your breathe, let go of all expectations and open your heart to possibilities! I choose a daily mantra. And if I find myself flustered throughout the day, I take a deep breath and repeat my mantra.

Morning Movement– Perhaps you are tight for time in the morning, but even 10- 15 minutes of movement is valuable to your health. Exercising in the morning is especially beneficial to your thyroid and metabolism. Try some sun salutations [link to rootwholebody sun salutations video] or gentle stretching, take a brisk walk around the block, or jump on your rebounder.

Elimination– You are what you eat….? Actually, you are what you eliminate and assimilate. Proper elimination is important for good health and vitality. Our body thrives on routine and this goes for elimination too. Sometimes we don’t hear our body’s signals to move our bowels because we’re too busy. I encourage you to sit on the throne every morning at the same time in order to establish regularity. A good goal to reach for is eliminating waste 2-3 times day. One for each meal, make sense?

Breakfast– If your first meal of the day is healthy, chances are you will want to continue this healthy habit throughout the day. If you are not hungry upon awakening this could be a sign your liver is congested. So listen to your body and eat lightly. Perhaps a fresh juice or fruit bowl. Some other breakfast ideas include: chia pudding, stewed apples or pears, poached egg with veggies, warm whole grains, or a green smoothie. []

Now if all this seems overwhelming, don’t fret. You can just start with creating a better breakfast or morning meditation and go from there. Try the whole routine on a weekend morning or when you have more time. After you starting incorporating sacred habits into your routine, notice how you feel in the morning and throughout the day. Do what feels right to you and make your morning sacred.


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