Spring is Here! The Art of the Mind Body Cleanse

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With the advent of Spring comes a desire to take stock of our health and make room for healing and clarity, preparing our minds and bodies for regeneration. To this end, Holistic Nutritionist Brittany Sandoval  will lead a gentle, sustainable, transformative, 28-day MIND BODY CLEANSE starting this month.

CLEANSING THE BODY begins with clean nutrition. The first week tends to be the most challenging. We start by nurturing our bodies with only clean greens, veggies and fruits. This isn't a fast, and it's not a crash course in juicing. It's about eating well, chewing mindfully and training your body to adjust to new habits. After the first week, we begin to re-introduce other foods into the mix like grains and beans. Oh joy!

CLEANSING THE MIND begins with creating sacred space. We live in a harried, noisy world of responsibilities and expectations. A holistic cleanse means creating the space and time to understand, acknowledge and let go of mental/emotional debris that has been building up and stuffed away until you have time to breathe and let it all go. Why wait? Participants will approach a seasonal cleanse holistically: cleansing the body and clearing the mind through nutrition, mindful movement, sauna and pause. This month-long experience will awaken and clarify your body of energy, creating space for freedom and a new mindful way of eating/being.

Included in the 28-Day MIND BODY Cleanse:
• Nutrition Intake & Assessment (75 minutes)
• 21-day Customized Meal Plan
• Recipes, Shopping List & Check-ins
• One Month Unlimited Yoga & Sauna
• One Month Root Detox Tonic & Tea
• Personal, on call support via text, phone and email from our nutritionist

Optional add-ons:
A Week of Clean Eating: prepared food & beverages through Root café (5 bowls/salads and 5 juices/smoothies)
Infrared Detox Sauna: Accelerates your ability to remove toxins from the body
Organic Skin Care: Deepen your glow while detoxifying the body’s largest organ
Food Allergy Testing: Consult with our ND to evaluate your body’s reaction to certain foods

Brittany Sandoval

Brittany Sandoval

CLEANSING Q & A with Brittany Sandoval
Wondering what to expect from a cleanse at Root? Read on to learn more.

Q: Will I be able to eat on this cleanse? Does the cleanse include fasting?
A: No, there is no juice or lemonade fast during the cleanse. You will be eating the whole time using food to cleanse your body. This cleanse was designed to set you up for success during this time and beyond. Each week you will learn how to nourish yourself through food and self care techniques.

Q: Does the cleanse require supplements or powders?
A: This is a food-based cleanse. We recommend the use of functional food to support your body's natural detoxification process, such as a digestive shake, warm lemon water, fermented foods, and herbal teas. The suggestion of supplements for specific health conditions may be advised based on the individual.

Q: How will my energy levels be affected?
A: Energy levels vary from person to person and week to week on the cleanse. The first few days are usually the hardest as your body will be going through withdrawals from your normal diet, especially from sugar, caffeine, dairy, and processed foods. After the first week, people often experience more energy.

Q: Can I still exercise on the cleanse?
A: Yes! This is why we have included unlimited movement and sauna during the cleanse. We recommend avoiding high intensity workouts during this time and focusing more on long walks in nature and yoga.

Q: Will everyone be doing the same cleanse? What if I need more protein?
A: While we provide you a skeleton structure on which to base your cleanse, it is still YOUR cleanse. Through a mixture of group classes and private sessions, your practitioners help you create a program that fits your specific needs. If you need more protein or other nutrient, talk to your practitioner to see how you can modify the cleanse to give you maximum benefit and success.

Q: What's the benefit of doing a guided cleanse vs. on my own?
A: One of the biggest difficulties with changing a habit is finding the will to stick with it in the long run. The beauty behind a guided cleanse is that you're not alone, and all of the guesswork has been taken out - you can rest on the week by week instructions, meal plans and practices provided by the nutritionist, and have personal access for questions, best practices, challenges and victories!

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