Spring is Here and It’s Time to Cleanse!

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Spring Cleanse

Spring cleaning is a fixture for many people. It’s a time to sweep out the clutter and breathe new life into a home. But why should we not do the same thing for our bodies? If our bodies are our temples, then it only makes sense to give it the same vigorous spring cleaning we give our homes. A good cleanse brings back the energy lost after months of grey winters and makes us ready to face summer and all of its fun in the sun. So don’t just concentrate on clearing out the dust bunnies and tackling (maybe!) that basement; take some time out to do a spring cleaning on your body too.

How to Do a Cleanse

Our cleanse program is not the typical spend-a-weekend-on-weird-food cleanse (maple syrup diet anyone? Ugh). Instead, a proper cleanse will focus on eating good, natural foods with a high level of water, vegetables, fruits and grains and on cutting out sugar, salt and processed, chemically laced foods. This manner of cleanse kick-starts the body’s metabolism, encourages healthy eating and healthy weight loss and boosts energy levels. Plus it’s very refreshing to eat fresh vegetables after a winter on canned and frozen goods and that too feeds into energy levels. A cleanse with Root Whole Body will be undertaken under the supervision of one of our specialists and we will work with you to design a cleansing plan that takes into account things like your food preferences, the time you have to prepare and eat and what your goals are for a cleanse this spring. You can even combine it with a meditation cleanse to sweep out any heavy, stale or limiting emotional clutter to really deep clean your system.

The cleanses Roots offers can be done over a one, two or three week spread, depending on what you need. Of course the longer the cleansing is, the more benefits you will gain.

Benefits of a Cleanse

There are so many benefits to a proper spring cleanse that listing them all could take a while! But here are some general benefits to look forward to:

  • More energy. When you eat good, nutrient dense and healthy foods, your body will get more energy from it and that gives you the power you need to get through your day with a skip in your step.

  • Weight Loss. Ditching the junk food and eating healthy food will boost your metabolism and let you go longer, harder which means burning more fat.

  • Better mood. Eating better and cutting out the garbage will make you less moody.

  • Better Digestion. Getting rid of the cruddy food will boost your digestive system and that means you will feel less gassy, less bloated, and derive more good stuff from the food you do eat which lets you feel fuller longer and get more out of what you eat.

  • Learn better eating and wellness habits. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of eating healthy, you’ll have a much harder time going back to the bad foods and that is a very good thing!

Of course, everyone’s results will vary. You may find that you sleep better, are ill less often and feel less stressed out. Someone else may find that persistent headaches or other aches disappear. Another person may find that PMS symptoms vanish or that perhaps it’s easier to have a good sex life. Hey, whatever benefits you derive from a good cleanse is great news!

Spring is just around the corner and while spring cleaning of your home may be the first thing on your list, stop and take a moment to consider cleaning your mind and body too. A good spring cleanse can do a world of wonders for you and help you sail through the rest of the year with energy, confidence and increased health. Now won’t that be a fantastic way to spend the rest of 2014?

Join us for a 28-cleanse to detoxify your body and give your digestive system a much needed rest. You’ll also learn new behaviors and healthy habits to keep your body fueled properly. Group or Individual cleanse programs available. Schedule a complimentary 360 wellness consultation to see what’s right for you.

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