Why is Yoga The Ultimate Exercise?

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Is there an ‘ultimate’ exercise? It’s hard to say. Many exercises are very good at what they do: walking is free and simple, swimming works your whole body and jogging is easy to turn into something that is challenging. But all of these things also have problems-if you’re injured, they are difficult to do or you may be allergic to chlorine or you might live cold winter climates and don’t particularly want to run in the rain!

At Root, yoga is a foundational practice that we encourage for everyone, as it truly synergizes mind, body and spirit.  And while it’s easy to appreciate yoga’s role in one’s mental and emotional health, many are surprised at the physical benefits as well, as there are many reasons millions of people consider it the ultimate exercise.

One of the most tangible ways that yoga provides the best exercise for you is its ability to help you build up strength and flexibility. The exercises which are done in your yoga class are designed to make you stronger, more flexible and increase your stamina. Flexibility is vastly improved because of the many stretches and positions you have to hold. And strength is increased because many of those positions force you to do your stretches and holds against your own body weight, and that means you’ll have to build up your muscles!

And from a consciousness perspective, a fantastic side effect of yoga is that you gain more awareness of yourself and how your body feels and that means you will want to feel better:  better eating, better exercises and cutting out the garbage. If you are in tune with yourself, wouldn’t you like to be in tune with a good you?

If you haven’t tried yoga but are interested and curious, we invite you to a complimentary class for all those new to Root.  We also have Yoga Fundamentals extended classes the first Saturday of each month and personal instruction for those interested in more one-on-one guidance.  You’ll see why yoga is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing practices over the past decade.


Photo By: Lululemon