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Nutritionist Taylor Zerull

Nutritionist Taylor Zerull

Taylor Zerull

Taylor graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine with her Masters in Nutrition. She believes that food is medicine, and her practice is rooted in the notion that changing what and how you eat for the better will have a beneficial effect on the mind, body and spirit. She enjoys working with clients who are ready for change and interested in learning how to implement good nutrition practices.

Taylor works with patients to establish a set of goals that can be achieved through nutrition. Her focus is on creating a preliminary dietary plan for her clients to utilize immediately after the first visit. In follow-up appointments, she works with her patients to track their progress and provide guidance.

Taylor’s nutritional counseling services help clients with a variety of complaints or ailments, including fatigue, malaise, excess body fat, skin disturbances, digestive issues, muscle wasting, food allergies and sensitivities, GERD, acid reflux, diabetes, hypertension, cancers, dyslipidemia, dysglycemia, MS, nerve damage and cholesterol issues.

Taylor also offers grocery store walk-throughs to help clients navigate the aisles utilizing her recommendations…and she’s available via email to answer questions or concerns related to nutrition.