fully immersive half-day experiences, $299

STRESS FREE relaxing bath + massage + full-spectrum private sauna +
nourishing facial + lunch
PAIN FREE pain-relieving acupuncture + medicinal bath +
massage + chiro + full-spectrum sauna
RADIANT SKIN nourishing facial + facial rejuvenation acupuncture +
full-spectrum sauna + anti-inflammatory smoothie + herbal bath
BODY DETOX detoxifying bath, full-spectrum sauna +
massage + whole body detox treatment



3-6 month programs designed to create real change


I AM RELAXED whole body support for calm + well-being
I AM RADIANT whole body support for natural aging
I AM PAINFREE whole body support for pain and mobility
I AM CLEAR whole body support for skin conditions
I AM DETOXIFIED whole body support for weight + detox
I AM ABUNDANT whole body support for pregnancy
I AM WHOLE whole body support tailored just for you