Thailand 2017: 10-Day Yoga + Wellness Cultural Adventure with Root

There’s a magic that happens when you’re willing to break out of your everyday scene and appreciate the way people halfway across the world lives their lives – and this trip will be rich with unique activities and adventure to experience this beautiful, spiritual culture. As our destination locations are often a ‘guest co-host’ of our trips, we will be visiting the ancient, cultural villages in Chiang Mai (north) and the pristine natural beauty and islands of Phuket (south). For those who have never been to Thailand, there’s also an add-on for 3 extra days and tours in Bangkok, the capital city, prior to our adventure. During our retreat, there will be daily opportunities for yoga, relaxation or thai massage, acupuncture, qigong and meditation – all designed to help you unravel and encourage a pure, authentic experience of this exotic country.

Boutique, 4-star, sanctuary-style accommodations (double occupancy), unique cultural adventures and experiences, daily yoga/qigong, massage, acupuncture and relaxation days, select authentic Thai meals, and generous leisure time for exploration.

10-night Chiang Mai/Phuket/Koh Samui: $3,250pp double occupancy excluding air

4-night Bangkok Pre-Tour: $975pp double occupancy

Payment schedule/Deposit:
Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. $600 refundable reservation deposit due by May 31, 2017. Final Payment due 90 days prior to departure (July 31st). Payment plans available. Passports required for travel. Document issue 45 days prior to departure.

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Trip Itinerary
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