Yoga & Movement Class Descriptions


Better Body and Balance

Pace: ●●● Energy: ●●● Meditation: ●●

Better Body and Balance is a little yoga, a little resistance and a lot of core! Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks during this dynamic practice. You’ll combine yoga like movements and cardio to intensify your workout, while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and pushups. Better Body and Balance will combine conditioning (to build your lung capacity) with resistance (to build your muscles). You’ll connect deep with your core, strengthen your balance and heighten your overall body awareness. There’s an an optional 15-minute add-on to cool-down and stretch out those worked muscles.

Family Yoga

Pace: ● Energy: ● Meditation: ●

Explore the world of yoga through songs, cooperative games, functional movement, simple breathing techniques, and the power of imagination! Family yoga is tailored for children ages 2-5 (and their grownups) who thrive in fun and explorative learning environments. Making yoga a family affair is a great integration technique that is bound to further cultivate a lifetime of physical fitness and holistic health. Each class uses storytelling to discover common yoga postures and aims to inspire body awareness, joy, and playfulness in big and little yogis alike. The unending curiosity of children is a great place to begin the journey of yoga together as a family. Please bring an open mind and a playful heart!


Pace: ●● Energy: ●● Meditation: ●●

Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all forms of yoga and translates as the yoga that brings union of the pairs of opposites - ‘Ha’ meaning sun and ‘tha’ meaning moon. Students are encouraged to concentrate on the inner experience of the various asanas (poses) so the steadiness of mind and body becomes evident. This practice helps foster a grounded framework for expansive growth and change. Students move into the asanas learning to focus on alignment and breath as means for working and then releasing more deeply, while simultaneously energizing subtle channels. Because Hatha moves at a deliberate and mindful pace it complements a more vigorous practice and can aid in healing from injury. Hatha Yoga is suitable for all levels.


MELT for Yoga

Pace: ●● Energy: ●●● Meditation: ●●

The MELT Method™ is a revolutionary approach to pain-free longevity that helps you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. This pro-active  self-treatment system is backed by science and acclaimed by thousands of devoted MELTers. New research has revealed the missing link to pain-free living: a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These two components work together to provide whole-body support, protection, and mind-body communication. Using specialized techniques, a soft body roller and four different small balls, MELT loosens and rehydrates the connective tissue and restores space to compressed joints to help increase comfort and mobility and relieve stress. MELT is suitable for all, especially those who are injured, sedentary, or experience chronic pain. It’s also great for those who want to achieve optimal performance without debilitating physical wear.


Pace: ●●● Energy: ●●● Meditation: ●●

Nia is a sensory based movement and lifestyle practice that leads to whole body wellness. A holistic practice by design, Nia empowers people of all backgrounds and fitness levels by connecting them with the voice of the body: sensation. Classes are danced barefoot to customized music that blends Eastern and Western instrumentation and sound. Nia draws from disciplines of the Martial Arts, Dance Arts and Healing Arts. Every class offers a unique combination of 52 moves that correspond with the main areas of the body: the base, the core and the upper extremities. Nia is adaptable and therefore appropriate for almost anyone. Beginners and highly fit athletes alike can adapt Nia to meet their needs by choosing from three intensity levels. Each invigorating Nia class will offer cardiovascular conditioning in a lively, noncompetitive environment, and most of all you will leave feeling vitally energized, yet grounded and ready to mindfully step out into your day.


Pace: ●●● Energy: ●●● Meditation: ●

Pilates is an accessible way to improve posture, encourage flexibility, and strengthen muscles and joints. Using controlled, focused movements, this practice stretches the body and increases overall endurance. Rest assured that you don’t have to be a body movement expert to join in on the practice! Beginners are encouraged to participate, as our instructor works with your level of strength and flexibility to ensure that you’re getting the most out of each session. If you happen to be a seasoned athlete, or already have an advanced fitness routine practice, Pilates is a great addition to all workout routines, and can be tailored to your specific needs and fitness level. All exercise props and materials are provided for participants, though you are free to bring your own mat (not required).


Pace: ●●●● Energy: ●●●● Meditation: ●●

PiYo is a hybrid, athletic workout, which combines the mind/body practices of yoga and Pilates, as well as the principles of stretch, strength training, conditioning and energetic movement. During a PiYo class, you will find yourself standing in a yoga pose one minute, and down on the floor in a Pilates pose the next! This fun and challenging class will incorporate dynamic strengthening sequences (including plank and other core exercises). You’ll burn calories, tone muscles, improve balance – all while getting a great stretch. This class will be more cardio intensive, but is adaptable for all levels.

Power Vinyasa

Pace: ●●●● Energy: ●●●● Meditation: ●●

Power Vinyasa is a vibrant, inspiring practice which will leave you energized. This style of yoga is demanding; incorporating traditional Ashtanga poses along with a deep and fluid breath. In this flow style of yoga you will detoxify your body, improve digestion, stimulate your metabolism, and normalize hormones, which will result in more restful sleep. Also referred to as ‘meditation in motion,’ Power Vinyasa will clear the mind and eliminate stress and tension that collects in the body. Compared to Vinyasa this is a more intense form and requires at least 10 prior Vinyasa classes. The studio is heated to between 80 and 90 degrees.

Power Flow

Pace: ●●●● Energy: ●●●● Meditation: ●●

Power Flow is a great class for those that are looking for the workout of a Power Vinyasa class, but do not have the years of experience and practice to feel at home in a Power Vinyasa class. Power Flow is the perfect “in-between” for Vinyasa and Power Vinyasa. This class takes incorporates elements of Ashtanga Yoga, and encourages practitioners to synchronize breath with movement. Power Flow tends to be more energetic than Slow Flow, in that practitioners will be guided through flowing sequences that inspire more rapid physical activity and the production of internal heat. Generating this heat from within helps with detoxification, cardiovascular and overall fitness.


Pace: ● Energy: ● Meditation: ●●●●

This class targets the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps slow down and regulate the entire nervous system. The instructor will be working with poses that help reduce fatigue, create better range of motion in the joints, and more mobility in the muscle fascia. This class is slower in nature, with many resting poses done on the floor. It is suitable for all levels.

Slow Flow

Pace: ● Energy: ● Meditation: ●●●●

Slow Flow is meditation in motion. Incorporating elements of Vinyasa and Yin, Slow Flow inspires a unique and beautiful balance between strength and grace. This class will guide you mindfully through a flow that encourages the practice of slowing down – moving with more internal awareness and connection. Learn how to “dance” with your breath, with slow, graceful movements, to inspire more strength and understanding in your body – and a deeper relationship with your practice and yourself. The slower nature of this class makes it tremendously therapeutic for both experienced Vinyasa practitioners, as well as beginners to yoga. Slow Flow offers the space to listen to your body, to recognize why we move with breath and to explore why and how sensations arise. Each class focuses on what is needed on that day – with the intention to move deeper within one’s subtle energy body … and to move towards a more balanced self.

Tai Chi

Pace: ● Energy: ●● Meditation: ●●●●

Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for the health, balance and unity of mind and body. The essential principles of this include: deep core relaxation, control of movements and breathing, generating internal energy (chi) flow, mindfulness and serenity. Tai Chi improves muscular strength, flexibility and fitness. It improves immunity, relieves pain and improves overall sense of well-being. The pace of this class is such that it will appeal to novice and experienced practitioners alike. Each class will involve foundation instruction on stepping, weight shifts, and body placement while also involving more advanced applications and techniques. Tai Chi is infinitely adaptable to fit the goals of the individual student. Students who wish for a pulse-pounding workout can practice right alongside students who want light movements as a conduit to inner peace and wellness. Fun and safe class will include a standing meditation, warming the body, light stretching and a variety of poses.


Pace: ●●● Energy: ●●● Meditation: ●●●

Vinyasa Yoga has been described as a ‘state of grace.’ It is a dynamic practice which integrates breath with flowing movement, to increase concentration, muscular strength, and inner grace. Classes are accompanied by music which helps rejuvenate and balance the practice. Our teachers incorporate their personal expertise and creativity making each Vinyasa class a unique experience. This is a non-heated class and is offered for practitioners of all levels.


Pace: ● Energy: ● Meditation: ●●●●

Yin consists of relaxed postures that are held for several minutes at time, resulting in a calming and restorative practice. It emphasizes the health of joints and connective tissues, which are common areas of injury that tend to decrease in mobility over time. Yin is ideal for stress relief, provides an excellent balance with other forms of yoga and exercise, and is effective in preparing practitioners for meditation. Appropriate for beginning and seasoned yogis alike, Yin postures are easily adapted to fit the individual.