Cheyenne Banas

Liscensed Massage Therapist

Cheyenne is passionate about mind, body and soul wellness. Her beloved family recently relocated from the midwest and she is so happy and honored to join a workspace providing many means to healing holistically.

Licensed as an LMT in 2018, she has largely focused on providing rejuvenating and relaxing massage therapy until recently stepping into the realm of Postural Correction and Functional Movement. Helping clients regain mobility, strength and optimal range of motion to move and feel better is her newest skill set. Working with the client as the guide, she employs whatever modality is best suited for their healing, including Deep Tissue, Myofasical Release, Trigger Point Work, Stretching or Hot Stones. She finds that the most beneficial component of her work is helping clients learn how to use their breath to facilitate healing.

Cheyenne is deeply attuned with Root’s pause and movement pillars of whole body health. As a Registered Yoga Teacher she applies the practice of self-study and breath paired with movement to help clients get to know their body best. As a Reiki Energy Work Practitioner, she believes in the profound ability of intention behind healing touch.

Regardless of the type of session, she humbly and deeply honors the client’s time as they step away from the daily grind and step into a space that serves their highest good, so that they may walk away feeling their best.