Pause For
Self Care

At Root, Pause means carving out the days, hours and minutes you need to practice regular, ongoing acts of self-care. At Root this means regular, professional, natural skin care, customized massage to ease tension and stress, warming and detoxifying sauna and hydrotherapy sessions, and time in our Tea Room, sipping a healing blend while journaling.

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A consistent practice of massage helps your body stay healthy, centered and calm. Improve circulation, enhance tissue healing, increase immune system function… and connect your brain to your body in a way that's grounding and therapeutic.

  Whole Body Health Member Non-Member
60 Minutes $99 $115
75 Minutes $119 $145
90 Minutes $149 $175
120 Minutes Thai $180 $219

Note: This service is not a Medical Massage, which has a different pricing structure.

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Skin Care

Integrative skincare at Root takes a Whole Body approach, considering overall health, lifestyle and diet. All treatments use nutrient rich, non-toxic products formulated with proven actives paired with bio-therapeutic treatment tools to support the skin's optimal health and function.

  Whole Body Health Member Non-Member
60 Minute Organic Facial $119 $145
90 Minute Organic Facial $169 $195
60 Minute Golden Glow Organic Facial $125 $155
30 Minute LED Treatment & Express Facial $95 $110
60 Minute Detox Seaweed Body Treatment $149 $175
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Community & Full Spectrum Sauna

Sauna increases circulation, flushes toxins, improves immunity & calms the mind.  Choose from traditional cedar sauna or full-spectrum, far infra red.

  Whole Body Health Member Non-Member
Community FREE $18
Full Spectrum $30 $45
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Full Spectrum Sauna
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A La CarteStarting at $125

Whole Body HealthStarting at $100

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Soak in soothing waters, rich in therapeutic minerals + optional aromatherapy to encourage relaxation and support the body’s natural detoxification process.

  Whole Body Health Member Non-Member
35 Minute Medicinal Soak $45 $55
35 CBD Medicinal Soak $65 $75
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