Tastes of the Season at Root Cafe

Tastes of the Season at Root Cafe

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Tastes of the Season at Root Cafe

At Root, one of our four key pillars of health is food. It’s no secret that food is medicine– what you feed your body has a huge impact on your overall health and happiness. Our NW cafe offers an array of dishes can be prepared vegan, gluten-free or you can add a protein such as meat or eggs.

All dishes feature fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, selected for highest-quality, nutrition and flavor. Summer is a wonderful time for Portland farms, and with so many seasonal flavors to enjoy, our Cafe staff has done an amazing job incorporating these tastes of the season into a few special dishes!

Come enjoy these seasonal offerings at our NW Slabtown cafe now through the end of September:

grab & go food at NE Irvington

Great news: Our NE Irvington Root location is now carrying delicious and healthy on-the-go bites made fresh at our NW cafe! Now you can rehydrate after a sauna session with a Zenful Water or enjoy a fresh salad in our outdoor dining area following a yoga class. Don’t forget: you can return our empty grab-and-go glass jars to either of our locations to get 50 cents back!  Recycle responsibly for a happy planet and snag another chia seed pudding for a happy you!

the perfect labor day weekend recipe 

Labor Day weekend is around the corner… Fire up those grills for an end of Summer cookout and try something healthy, yet delicious! Our friends at New Seasons have curated a mouth watering seasonal recipe for grilled peaches that is sure to impress your guests.


  • 6 ripe peaches, cut in half and pits removed 
  • 1 cup extra virgin olive oil 
  • 6 oz of your choice crumbled cheese (Try chèvre, feta, cashew or almond) 
  • your favorite honey


  1. Brush each peach half with olive oil. Brush grill grates with oil or spray oil.
  2. Lay peaches cavity side down on grill and grill 3 minutes.
  3. Flip to other side and grill an additional 3 minutes.
  4. Remove from grill and place 1 tablespoon crumbled cheese into each peach cavity. Drizzle each with your favorite honey.