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Movement at energy at Root prioritizes traditional practices that balance the mind and body. Our movement studio goes beyond yoga classes, supporting healthy circulation, maintaining flexible connective tissues and improving mood and mental clarity.

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Yoga & Movement Classes

Wellness Wednesday Vinyasa & Hatha Class
Get over the hump of hump day with our Wellness Wednesday Yoga Class, featuring elements of both Vinyasa & Hatha yoga. This class integrates alignment, breath and flowing movement to increase concentration, muscular strength and inner grace. This class is a guided exploration through the physical body to your inner world – weaving breath work, vinyasa influenced movement, and meditation into a journey that helps you reconnect with yourself, deepen your awareness, and navigate the practice in the physical and subtle body.
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Private Yoga
A customizable private yoga practice using movement, meditation, mantra and pranayama to cater to the health, wellness and mindfulness needs of the individual student. A private class can help a student deepen their understanding of yoga, gain depth in a particular physicality, develop their own personal practice, learn meditation skills and more, all with the benefit of the undivided attention from their teacher.

Semi-Private Yoga
A customizable practice for groups such as couples yoga, a group of friends, a family or a team. With movement and mindfulness you and your crew will get a personalized special yoga experience. These private classes can increase flexibility and mobility, reduce stress, increase awareness, connect the group and team build.
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