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What is Holistic Healthcare & what are the benefits?

Integrative healthcare is a therapeutic paradigm that holistically supports a person’s individual psycho-emotional, spiritual, physical and social factors that influence their health. The emphasis is on promoting health instead of treating disease and prioritizing natural therapies initially.

These are wide ranging but rest on the basics of nutritious foods, physical movement, healthy, supportive relationships and supporting our systems physiologic processes. The benefits to a natural first approach are literally life-changing. By supporting the healthy, optimal function of our detoxification pathways, the balance of our microbiome, and our ability to resolve inflammation, then our body will function at it’s best. If we can further support and feel supported by our community, then we are promoting a nexus of vitality that permeates from each individual out through the fabric of our society.

What does “whole person health” mean?

Whole person health has been the focus of holistic medicines since their inception. Traditional medicines from cultures around the world have viewed the health of an individual within the greater context of a functional system. Chinese medicine, Ayerveda, Indigenous American medicines all consider health


to a be state of balance within the various organs systems and within accordance of their environment. Modern science and systems biology have validated this “whole person” approach in several ways from the balance of the microbes that live in the soil our food grows that in turn significantly contribute to our own microbiome, to the cross-talk between our microbiome and our immune system, and the multi-organ signaling that occurs when someone is experiencing stress, depression, or anxiety. Modern paradigms such as Functional Medicine have been compiling the research that demonstrate the value of a whole person approach and now organizations as large as the Veterans Affairs organization are radically shifting their treatment paradigm to reflect the whole person approach common in Traditional medicines. As stated in a 2023 report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, “Whole health care is intended to shift the focus from a reactive disease-oriented medical care system to one that promotes disease prevention, health, and well-being.”


Who would benefit from seeing a Naturopathic Provider?

Everyone. Inherent in the way a naturopathic doctor works with their patients is a fundamental understanding of that persons individual contexts. They take the time to get to know their patients, their stories, and the nuances of their physiology. They don’t just run basic lab work, they evaluate and explore the root causes of an individuals imbalances.

What are 5 ways Natural Medicine Can Help your entire body?

1. treat the root causes with fewer side effects.

2. focus on preventive factors that promote health and vitality instead of reacting to disease symptoms.


3. work to balance various systems in the body, emphasizing gastrointestinal, immunologic, hormonal, cardiovascular, metabolic and psycho-emotional homeostasis.

4. improve longevity through reducing inflammatory burden and promoting hormonal health.

5. prioritizing how the vitality of an individual’s health has a bigger impact on their family and community.

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