Clean Slate Detox

Clean Slate Detox: 10 simple intentions for a healthier, happier you

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10 simple intentions for a healthier, happier you

2016 was a year of endings, monumental changes, and shifting perceptions. This year, we’re beginning anew; starting a fresh cycle, and opening a new chapter. What better time than January to haul out the big guns and take focused, concentrated steps to make room for the new?

Here are some great ways to “detox” your life and clean the slate:

DIGITAL DETOX: to reduce stress and be more present

Social Media: A FB hiatus isn’t going to cut it – it’s time to take stock of who and what you allow into your personal life, and dissolve the cords that no longer serve. It’s a good idea to go through your friends list and let go of anyone who bring you more frowns than smiles.

TV: Limit your daily television consumption by keeping the TV off throughout the day. If you’re a fan of keeping it on for background noise, opt for music or natural sounds instead. Carve out a relaxation timeslot that allows you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies without risking a Netflix binge.

Phone: Try not to use your phone as a replacement computer. Reserve it for more quick, practical usages, such as messages, directions, etc. Stick to a strict “no screen” rule during meals, especially at work, and eat in quiet mindfulness instead.

FOOD DETOX: to break the cycle of cravings

Snacking: Snacks are great in moderation, but make sure you’re reaching for something light and nutritious between meals. Carrot sticks, nuts, trail mix, and power bars are excellent choices.

Rushed meals: Most of us rush through breakfast, or skip meals entirely, due to busy schedules. This can lead to indigestion, weight gain, and a host of other negative effects. Nine times out of ten, we fall victim to rushed meals or fast food because we haven’t planned ahead. Take the time to jot down meal ideas at the beginning of the week, and plan to prep lunch and dinner the day before, whenever possible. Being prepared when it comes to meals not only eases stress and improves digestion, it also allows us to make healthier choices.

HABITS DETOX: an opportunity to step back and make positive change

Unhealthy Patterns: Take a day to observe and jot down the familiar patterns that you fall into. Make a list, and take note of both the good and the bad habits that you’ve adopted over the years. This act of observation, mindfulness, and acknowledgement helps us reassess and make overdue changes.

Relationships: Who we keep around us has a monumental amount of influence on our moods, actions, and thoughts. Reflect on your connections, and determine which relationships need more nurturing and attention. Quite often, we get into comfortable habits with friends, family, and partners, which can lead to stagnation and lack of growth on both ends. Enhance your social life by trying new things to do, going new places, and communicating openly and honestly with your loved ones.

Exercise: The beginning of the year is a great time to check in and assess if your fitness routine is still working for you. Make the effort to develop a body movement practice that suits your body and schedule, and join a regular yoga class for an added boost of motivation; working out with others not only satiates our need for community, it can also inspire you to adopt a consistent routine.

HOME DETOX: let go of the (literal) clutter that’s bogging you down

Clearing out the cobwebs: It’s time to peek into those rarely-used kitchen drawers, brave the basement, and air out the attic. Who wants to clean indoors during sunny, warm spring days, anyways? Winter is a great time to stick around the house and take care of the chores that have been put on the backburner.

Clothes: The fresh energy of the new year will undoubtedly inspire you to chuck out the old and make room for the new. Box up any keepsake clothing to be stored away, bag up what you no longer use, and plan a yard sale, donation drop, or community clothing swap.

Detoxing is far more than simply chugging a superfood-enriched shake. It’s about taking mindful steps to clear out your life in an all-encompassing, holistic way; making room for new adventures and connections, and enjoying the peace that a refreshed home, mind, and body bring.