Need to Know Before Holiday Feasting

One Digestive Trick You Need to Know Before Holiday Feasting

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‘Tis the season of overindulgence (for many of us at least). Before and after your next holiday feast, think about adding digestive bitters into the mix.

As the name implies, digestive bitters are a mixture of bitter herbs used to promote healthy digestive function and disperse accumulation of food, “dampness,” and “heat” in the body. These accumulations can cause us to feel heavy, bloated, and sometimes nauseated. These herbs are usually made into a tincture and taken before and/or after meals in small quantities.

The bitter flavor is not something that’s commonly found in most Western diets, but even a small amount can effectively increase gastric and biliary secretions while improving the overall efficiency of our digestion.

According to Traditional Chinese dietary therapy, the bitter flavor should be incorporated more in the fall and winter in order to contract and channel energy into the lower part of the body. It is also said to eliminate inflammation, yeast, parasites, and mucoid accumulations (ie cholesterol and fats).

As always consult your licensed herbalist, naturopath, and/or acupuncturist before starting any herbal regimen. Our clinicians can make specific dietary recommendations based on your body’s needs. Book an appointment with a skilled Root Whole Body clinician here.

Enjoy your holiday eats in good health!