Chia Rafelson


I know yoga to be healing for others because of all it’s done for me. Yoga found me during my late teens, a tumultuous time in my life. It is yoga—and the qualities of love, mercy and acceptance this practice inspires—that led me through a deep transformational process to find freedom from many limiting beliefs and patterns. My gifts as a teacher became evident through an Ana Forrest workshop in 2005 and led me to teacher training with Ana at the Forrest Yoga Institute. This deep work revealed my life path. I am generously rewarded by the improvement in the lives of my students. Within each student lies a vast wellspring of love and potential, and it is my job as a teacher to draw that out, regardless of age, experience or fitness. My classes blend rigorous poses and soothing adjustments. All that I do was a gift given to me—to give to you!