Muir Brown, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Since graduating from the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork in 2017, with a focus on Structural Integration, mindfulness, and trauma-informed care, Muir has loved helping people with their pain. Both ancient wisdom and contemporary science tell us that pain, stress, and trauma are complicated and intersecting forces that, when left untended, can wreak havoc on our lives and well-being. However, when given the proper care and attention they can also be powerful sources of personal insight and collective transformation.

In the years following their initial training, Muir has studied yoga, craniosacral, chi nei tsang, the gate control theory of pain, and deepened their understanding of neurodivergence and trauma. As a practitioner, Muir’s goal is to meet their clients where they are, while also helping and empowering them to reduce their pain and tension, deepen their relationship to their bodies, and gain insight and resilience in the process.

Muir is passionate about Root’s mission to make healthcare and self-care accessible for all. They are a great massage therapist choice for clients who want a nonbinary practitioner that is sensitive to LGBTQ+ needs and experiences, has extensive experience with trauma work and who is adept to care for those who experience discomfort from touch and sensory processing.