Nisha Sullwold

Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician

Nisha is a third generation dual-licensed massage therapist and holistic esthetician, so you could say it’s in her blood. She gained her certification at Portland Beauty School and followed her certification with continued training with Dr. Hauschka. This is where she learned everything she knows about holistic facial treatments and lymphatic drainage. She then went on to support and train her peers and colleagues in the field of holistic facial work.

She is fluid in offering a customized blend of massage modalities specializing in deeply relaxing and emotional support massage. She is skilled in prenatal, and neck and shoulder massage. Her passion is to deeply connect and support the healing journey of her clients to allow their inner glow to radiate. When it comes to skincare, Nisha has experience easily addressing chronic acne, hormonally sensitive skin, and supporting the vitality of mature skin types.

As a mother, Nisha thrives in a prenatal massage treatment, using her intuition and nurturing skills to deeply connect with expecting mothers. Her belief is that in order for her clients to function at their highest level and experience optimal results, a client should make self-care a part of their regular routine by booking multiple sessions. The main goal of Nisha’s practice is that her clients glow and thrive in their everyday lives, in and outside of Root!