Feeling Stagnant?

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It happens to everyone. We all get stuck from time to time.  No matter who you are or what you do, sometimes you just hit a wall and feel paralyzed on what to do next. It can happen in regards to your career, your personal life, and it can happen on the yoga mat or in meditation. Often, our own fears, thoughts or need for perfection gets in our way and holds us back from taking the small steps toward progress. Breaking ruts can start with our attitude.  Lift the mind and the body will follow.

Here are some ways we want to share for you to get MOVING this summer and embrace and welcome an energetic, inspired, easeful flow of life, as opposed to paralyzed stagnation:

Pause and reflect – So often we don’t really realize how stagnated we are. After all, our days are busy from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed, so how could we possibly be stagnant? Just because you are busy does not mean that you are not in a rut. Take breaks throughout the day to stop your unnecessarily fast pace and to reassess. Get lost watching the colors change in the sunset, allow it to improve your mood and ease your tension…and I guarantee you that the importance of getting online to check emails for the tenth time that day just diminished.

Bring more intention to your yoga practice – yes, you show up to your mat…but are you just physically there, or have you showed up, mind, body, and soul to do some serious transformational work?

Get outside (don’t forget the sunscreen) – Do things that you wouldn’t normally do in your typical routine.  Try windsurfing. Walk a new way through your neighborhood. Go to a park and paint, no matter how ‘not artistic’ you think you are. Invite a neighbor who you don’t know very well over for iced tea on the porch.  It doesn’t matter – just mix it up.  You will find new perspectives and new inspirations, guaranteed!

Play more –  Ever wonder why kids can be so full of energy, creativity, and never ending ideas which they are always fired up about?  They play! All day!  So learn from them.  Don’t be afraid to let out your inner silly.  Sing loudly. Go skinny-dipping.  Skip in the rain. Don’t pass a playground without swinging as high as you can.  If you can make others laugh, great.  But if you can make yourself laugh also, even better!

Be grateful- So often we put so much pressure on ourselves to move forward, be better, get more…that it is easy to forget how far we have come, and how much we already have in our lives. Just the fact that you are breathing, right now, with energy coursing through your body, that you are blessed with human awareness – that is not something to be underestimated!  It is a miracle in and of itself!  Sometimes when the universe sees that you are truly grateful for what you have been given, it blesses you with even more. So make it a practice to be grateful for every experience, every moment, and every person who is in your life – they all have crossed your path to teach you something. Be grateful. You may soon find that your wide open heart finds even more new things coming your way for which to be grateful.

Ways that we would love to help you move forward:

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So please let us know how we can support you as you move forward to a happier, healthier, more inspired you!