Pause and Question what’s going on in your body

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If only we would take the time to stop and listen to our body, really listen with non-judgment and love, it would tell us most everything we need to know on to keep it in good health. When our body reaches the point of disease or we feel a lot of anxiety or depression, it is usually because we ignored gentle warning signs for days, months, or unfortunately even years. We allowed the situation to escalate to something much more dramatic than what it started out as, and the entire time we had countless opportunities to nip small problems in the bud.

It can be as simple as checking in with yourself once a day.  Make a routine to do a full physical and mental scan, either first thing in the morning before you even crawl out of bed, or last thing at night when you begin to unwind for the night.  It is important to look with curious awareness and to question, but to never judge.  You may be surprised at the powerful, intuitive wisdom that you hold within you about you health.  And the more you practice self-awareness, the more you will begin to trust in the process and in the answers that arise.

Scan your body, starting from your toes and work your way up. As you pass each part of your body, really notice the area. Does it feel tight, inflamed, weak?  Where are you holding tension?  Are you able to relax it?  Check in with yourself mentally.  Can you honestly say that you feel clear and vibrant in all aspects of your life?  Do you feel that you are on your correct path in life?  What is holding you back?  Ask the questions, then create a safe and silent space for an answer to arise.

As you begin to practice this on a daily basis, you will become better at becoming in-tune with yourself, and you will hear more clearly the answers that arise.  You can then begin to take this practice of self-awareness into more moments of your daily life.  If you notice you get a headache at work, instantly take a good look at what the root cause may be.  Is it that you are trying to burn the candle at both ends?  That you need to stand up for yourself and delegate some responsibilities?  Or that you are unhappy in general with your profession and your body is trying to tell you it is time to get your act together, make a change and get yourself on a path that suits you better?  You can then respond much more quickly, and you will be dealing directly with the root cause of a problem.

It is the natural state of our body to try to stay in and maintain balance.  The universe actually wants us on a path that ignites our soul and spirit, and sends us signals every day to help guide us there if only we would listen. Things go awry when we get small signals that we are getting out of balance, or off of our path, and we consciously or unconsciously ignore those.  So check in with yourself mentally and physically, be honest about the findings, and respond with love to get on your way to a stronger, clearer, more fulfilled YOU.