Happy Feet

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Back in spring 2010, I was thrilled to see flat shoes everywhere.  Ballet flats, ballet flats, ballet flats.  The styles with the little bows were a little too cute for me, but they were flat, heelless.  I thought back to the day in 2009 when I wore enormously high heels to an interview.  I wanted to be tall and intimidating.  I felt great standing a head taller than everyone else on the train on my way there.  Whaaa ahhh aahhh, I laughed maniacally to myself.  I had planned on taking the train directly home from the interview, so I’d only have to walk the three blocks back the train station, and after my ride, the three blocks home from the stop near my house.  But then, the sun decided to shine.  And I decided to enjoy the weather.
I turned the corner of 57th Street and started down 7th Avenue.  The city was in full swing: cabs, busses, cars, nuts roasting, people passing fast and slow, someone snoring in a corner, someone singing, bike messenger zing, someone preaching, a woman climbing a light pole in leopard print while a camera flashed below.  I watched the crazy world and smiled.  And then, around 42nd Street, my legs started hurting.  I took a jaunt over to my favorite park anyway.  Around 27th Street my feet were killing me.  I waited for the train in agony.  When I got home, I pulled off my shoes and my heels felt so heavy, I fell over.  The latch on my apartment door scraped my back.  Never again, I said.

Thankfully, this spring low heels are where it’s at.  Be more comfortable and be more fashionable.  Or don’t wear low heels, wear no heels at all!  Wear what makes you feel good.  A happy, comfortable body is a beautiful body.  I’m still prone to long walks on nice days, but I’ll be walking in boots that were made for just that.