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Home Remedies For When You Over Do It

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Sadly, Summer is coming to an end and the weather will slowly be changing to a cooler temperament. This means less outdoor activities, but more opportunity to take care of your body and nurse any injuries or strains you may have acquired from all your Summer fun!

What To Do When You Overdo It:

Below are 4 suggestions for at-home remedies to help heal your injuries faster, soothe sore muscles, and get back out there to take on Fall!

☝? Try an Epsom salt soak. Epsom salts are generally inexpensive and when placed in hot water they break down into magnesium + sulfate and are absorbed through the skin. Both of these substances are also excellent natural muscle relaxants. 

☝? Put that ice down. Unless your injury is very acute (1-3 days), heat may be a better bet. Chinese medicine theory says cold substances cause “stagnation” and “contracture” in the channels. This stagnation leads to an increase of pain. If there is a lot of swelling, redness, and a “hot” sensation coming off the site of injury, opt for 20 mins of ice, then by 20 mins of heat. .

☝? Take natural anti-inflammatories like tart cherry juice or turmeric. Cherries are a well known remedy for gout, arthritis, and numbness of the limbs. Cherries are also rich in iron, so they are great for nourishing the blood. Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It improves joint flexibility, can reduce swelling, and is best if taken with black pepper and dairy. As a spice use ¼-½ a teaspoon daily. Turmeric is also widely available in capsule form. .

☝? Breathe it out. The act of breathing is felt through the entire body + requires many muscles. When any part of your body is in acute pain, your breath shallows, to avoid moving the injured area, but this causes the injured area to stiffen up. If you find yourself with an acute sprain take deep, intentional, belly breaths. The first few might be painful, but persistence will cause the inflamed areas to relax and restore normal movement to the tissues.

Of course… if at-home remedies don’t seem to help, Root Whole Body has highly experienced clinicians that can assist in getting to the “root” of the problem. Consider massage, acupuncture or even a complimentary new patient intake appointment with our chiropractors or naturopaths!