How to Stay Grounded this Holiday Season

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‘Tis the season…a time of miracles, joy and gratitude. Except, sometimes, that’s a lot of pressure – expectations from family, friends, and the media to be cheerful, grateful, enthusiastic and full of love. We put pressure on ourselves to throw the perfect Christmas party, we stress about what we’ll be doing for New Year’s this year, how can we possibly meet all the needs of our family, our partner’s family, what am I going to wear, how can I deal with one more evening of Uncle Bob?

This season, we invite you to just be real. Whatever your experiencing, whether it’s the warmth of the hearth with loved ones, or sadness from memories of loss, know that whatever you’re feeling is perfectly fine. Like in meditation – let it come, le

To stay grounded this holiday season, it’s very simple:t it go, without judgement, without analysing anything, or trying to solve a problem.

Let go of expectations of yourself, of what the holidays should be. Take a few moments to just breath, treat yourself to a sauna, a meditation, a massage, a yoga class. Give yourself the space to feel. REALLY feel, let yourself express, release it to the wind, stomp around on the dance floor, shake it out. Release.

To stay grounded this holiday season, it’s very simple:

Let it come, let it go. Without judgement. Give yourself space to breath and feel. And release.