How Yoga Effects Posture

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Posture refers to how we stand, sit, walk and take many other actions.  Posture is also tied to things like confidence and how we are perceived by others.  An upright posture conveys strength and confidence.  A slouching posture tends to portray a lack of confidence and sometimes things like exhaustion and sorrow.  Poor posture is also linked to back problems and other health issues.  Although poor posture can be difficult to change, yoga is one way of doing just that.

Yoga teaches you how to get good posture in two ways:

Teaching You How to Stretch and Move

Through the use of the stretches and poses you will hold in yoga, your core muscles are strengthened and that means you are better able to hold yourself straight and proud.  Yoga helps alleviate chronic pain which makes it easier to remain upright for longer periods of time.  As many yoga poses can be done anywhere, you can take a quick coffee break at work to relieve your back and shoulder pain and get your nice posture back again.

Most of the poses you will be doing in yoga force you to hold an upright posture for at least 4 breaths.  As they say, practice makes perfect.

Listen to Your Body

It’s no good only having nice posture when you’re on the yoga mat.  This is where the second aspect of yoga comes into play.  Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body so you can catch yourself beginning to slouch or droop and make a mindful adjustment.  Yoga can help create a good habit of correct posture.

Having good posture isn’t just important for looking and feeling better about yourself.  A good posture also helps to prevent chronic pain and is linked to a stronger immune system and reduced cases of knee and hip pain.  Yoga can give your posture the best chance possible so that you can prevent health problems down the road and keep looking and feeling your best.

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