Labor and Birth for Couples with Sarah Robinette

Root Whole Body healing + injury prevention, increasing energy, keeping flexible

If there’s a bun in your oven, chances are you spend some amount of time preparing for your little one’s birthday.  There are supplies to buy, books to read, long talks with experienced mothers.  There is taking time to care for yourself with diet and exercise while a home to a growing being.
It’s also beneficial, of course, to prepare for the birth itself.  And it’s important that your birthing partner be prepared as well.

Join us for Labor and Birth for Couples.  Sarah Robinette will guide you and your partner through ways to experience a happy birthday together.  Partners will learn how to best support their own bodies and be the best support possible for mothers.  Listen to what Sarah has to say below, and then join us for our Labor and Birth Preparation Workshop.

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