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FORWARD TO ALL THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE: health checklist for your 30’s, 40’s 50’s and beyond.

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at the root images_20161313

Getting a man to a voluntarily go to a medical check-up might not so easy. How can we get our fathers, uncles, sons and men we care about to get regular check-ups when ‘nothing is wrong’ so that preventable, treatable diseases can be avoided or cured before they become a big, possibly life-threatening deal?

We get it. Life gets busy. And, men are often taught, directly or indirectly, to be strong, tough, resilient, hard workers, good providers, good lovers, partners, husbands, parents, bosses (no pressure!). Perhaps men feel that going to a doctor is a sign of weakness. Women, on the other hand, we start getting annual checkups at puberty, we pay attention to details – that cough that little Kylie has, sounds a bit off, maybe I need to take her to see the doc, or honey, your back’s been bothering you for weeks now, shouldn’t you get that checked out?


Ladies, if you’ve ever tried to get your man to get a check-up by threatening, nagging, or leaving brochures around the house, you’d probably report that it didn’t really work. So what can we do?

The Today show from NBC news shares tips like:

  • What’s the hold up? Figure out what holds him back. Let him know you understand his point of view and really listen to why he’s stubborn or maybe even frightened. Be patient, this may take time.
  • Lead the way. Make it easy for him giving him 2-3 options as potential doctors. Make the appointment at a convenient time and go together. Drop him off, or stay with him, let him decide. After the appointment, do something fun, like dinner at his favorite restaurant, a movie, or s _ x.
  • Be prepared. Write down all your questions ahead of time, along with symptoms and family history of disease.
  • Avoid nagging. Be loving, encouraging and analytical. Remind him that you also worry, and his actions or non actions also affect you.

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