Love Your Brain

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photo’s look at dementia, “How to Cut Your Risk of Memory Loss” gets to the heart of the importance of preventative care.  In order to prevent your brain from losing mass and memory from failing, it’s important to keep blood flowing in the brain.  This can be achieved through exercise, a healthy diet, social activity and mental work.  In other words, in order to keep the brain healthy, one must keep the body and spirit healthy as well.  Dr. Majid Fotuhi of John Hopkins suggests dancing as the best brain health exercise because it’s also a social activity and requires learning and memorization of steps.  In between dance lessons, you can come in to Root Whole Body to relax your brain with massage and skin care, and challenge your mind and body with yoga.  We also have a great nutrition expert on staff to help you with your healthy diet.  Keep the blood flowing and love your brain.


Photo By: Spec-ta-cles