Returned Lock Makes Root Staff Very Happy

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It was an ordinary day at Root Whole Body.  The yoga students’ oms could be heard resounding in the front hall, the massage clients were shuffling out, rosy and smiling, a fresh tray of cookies from Blossoming Lotus had been delivered and sat huddled together awaiting their fate.
Then, the mail came.  I love mail.  Who doesn’t?  Our mail woman is especially friendly, so I’m always glad to see her, and for some reason unknown to me, we occasionally get West Elm catalogs, which I devour with my i’ve-lived-in-tiny-apartments-for-too-long-and-wish-i-had-a-place-for-that-couch eyeballs over lunch breaks.

Anyway, the mail arrived, and in it was the envelope you see to your left.  Hmmm, I said to myself, this is a funny envelope.  Then I saw the print at the lower left hand corner. (see image left)  Someone mailed us a lock!!!  Someone took the time to place it in an envelope, carefully seal it, take it to the post office, pay for postage!  We lose SO MANY locks!  I’m sure no one means to take them home, but they definitely escape from Root, stowed away like tiny refugees in search of a better life in pockets and handbags, hoods of sweatshirts, socks, rolled up in yoga mats.  They leave and many never return.  It’s true, an occasional good soul brings one back in the door.  “Whoops, found this in my pocket,” they’ll say, “Oops, almost took this home with me.”  We are truly grateful to these kind, if forgetful, Root friends.  But, you–you who returned a lock by mail, you are truly awesome.  You made an office full of Root staff so happy they couldn’t stop giggling and stapled the envelope to the wall where they will admire it for days to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear lock-mailing Friend of Root.  We love you.