Shopping and Soapboxes: Our Culture of Food

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I was going to write about food today. I have a lot to say about food because I like it so much. For example, despite what Ms. Chast has to say here, I could write a novel starring the glorious banana as hero. I could write poetry about soup. I could write a tragedy about the way our fast food culture abuses food, how so many of us neglect the beautiful traditions of the kitchen and the table. I came up with a few ideas and stored them in the shoe boxes and extra closet space of my mind.
Meanwhile, I went grocery shopping. I took along this chart.  It was helpful. It was mostly helpful because the little arrows pointing to “It’s Food” and “Not Food” reminded me of the words of a man I admire. “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Oh, Michael Pollan, I should find you and hug you immediately.

I decided to let Michael do the talking and share this clip.

Then I decided to share this poem:


Inside the soup pot

there is a stirring.

The lentils are in a frenzy,

shaking their shoulders,

whispering to one another


The carrots bob,

rise and fall,

exchange wondering glances

with worried celery

who never know

whether to smile or frown

Only the bay leaf is calm

He knows no one wants to swallow him

Stay tuned: there are still food posts stored in the shoe boxes of my mind, waiting to be supplemented by current research and our very own experts here at Root. If you just can’t wait, call Root today to schedule a complimentary wellness consultation with our fabulous Dianne DelReyes.