Dr. Tony Murczek on the Miracle of Medical Qigong

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Soaring Crane Qigong: Medicine doesn’t always come in the form of a pill.


“It just flat out works” says Dr. Murczek, who has been teaching this medical form of qigong for more than ten years. Since he’s a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, applied kinesiologist and homeopath, we think he might know what he’s talking about. And we’re thrilled to have him as our qigong instructor at Root Whole Body.

Working with people who practice Soaring Crane Qi Gong, Dr. Murczek has seen some extraordinary things. “The first thing that comes to mind is the people who have been practicing Soaring Crane Qigong all along have improved and reversed some of the damage experienced by disease. To work with people like that … that is the miracle.”

Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong imitates the nature and movements of the Red-Crowned Crane, a bird known for its longevity, devotion, its dancing and vocals, its balance and beauty. Combining mental focus with physical movements, this qigong system is organized into Eight Remedy Routines, the Five Routines, a Standing Meditation, a Sitting Meditation, the Crane Walking Steps, and two Lying Down Relaxation Meditations.

With over 30 million practitioners world-wide, it is a powerful medical qigong system which can be modified for people with physical challenges and for those living with chronic illness, including cancer. However, Soaring Crane Qigong is contraindicated for those diagnosed with psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar, or borderline personality.

Where did this medical practice originate?

Some forms of qigong have been around for thousands of years. This one is relatively new, having been developed around the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976.

The creator, Master Zhao Jin-xian, had practiced meditative qigong since he was 16. He developed Soaring Crane Qigong through his own insight, but also consulted with Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors and other qigong masters to complete the forms. Master Zhao began teaching his qigong form in a Beijing Park by recruiting nine people with serious illnesses: two were in wheelchairs with paralysis resulting from strokes, two suffered from advanced diabetes; one had heart disease; four were diagnosed with advanced stage metastatic cancer. All nine recovered their health and Master Zhao certified them as his first teachers. One of these original students published an account of healing his lung cancer in the People’s Daily. The rest is recent history.

Dr. Murczek teaches Soaring Crane Qigong at Root Whole Body. Classes require pre-registration, and drop-ins are welcome only on the first class of a series. Call us at 503-288-7668 to see about the next available opening – it’s not to be missed!