Solutions for Chronic Sinus Problems

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Nasal Specific Treatment is a treatment that has been in use since the 1940’s among alternative healthcare practitioners. It involves inserting a small balloon into each of the nasal passages which is then inflated, expanding the sinus openings. This leads to larger sinus cavities and increased airflow to these tissues. With increased oxygenation, sinus cavity tissues are able to drain properly and our bodies can bring important immune fighting white blood cells to these tissues. There is some debate regarding whether cranial bones actually move during this treatment or if cartilage and other tissues that may have become fibrotic are simply stretched. Often times people hear popping sounds when the treatment is being conducted and attribute that to the sound of shifting bones. Whatever the underlying mechanism, it is a proven treatment for many sinus problems.

It most commonly treats chronic congestion, and chronic sinus infections. It has also been shown anecdotally to be helpful for headaches, snoring, and anyone with a history of chronic nasal inflammation either from allergies or infections. There are also some reports of improvement of neurological functioning after concussions or brain trauma.

This treatment is a great option for those who have “tried everything” for their chronic sinus condition but have not found relief. It is also a great adjunct therapy for other naturopathic treatments such as diet modifications and botanical medicine. This treatment is not a good choice for those on blood thinners, those with an acute sinus infection, children less than 10 years old, or those with a recent facial surgery or fracture

Patients can expect some amount of sinus drainage after the treatment is done which can vary from a small amount during treatment to drainage occurring up to three days post treatment. Some amount of bleeding from the nasal passages can also occur but this is usually mild and self limited.

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