Some Surprising Benefits of Yoga

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Ok, so you know that yoga will help you improve your flexibility and your body strength and will help you get in touch with your inner self.

‘You should do yoga to improve your flexibility.’

‘It will help you breathe better.’

There’s nothing wrong with this.  Yoga does do these things and there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to do things for yourself.  But this frame of thought overlooks some of the surprising benefits of yoga that we might not think about due to their sweet subtlety.

  1. Inner peace brings outer peace.  When you are more at peace with who you are, what you are and where you are going, you are able to be more at peace with others.  Many conflicts stem from something rankling at us from within.  Those who take yoga find some inner peace also find themselves surrounded by a stronger network of friends and family.
  2. Compassion and patience.  There’s nothing quite like being in a room with fifteen other people moving and breathing together.  Many students report feeling more at one with others and thus feeling more compassion and more patience toward others.
  3. Increased confidence.  Of course, yoga can help you to improve your confidence. When you look and feel better inside, you will project those feelings outward.

So, yoga isn’t just a way to improve your flexibility or to make your abdominal muscles stronger.  It’s also a good way to make your relationships and confidence stronger and develop a sense of compassion and patience.

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Photo By: AlicePopkorn