skincare regime with our new enhancements

Step up your skincare regime with our new enhancements

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Our skin does a lot for us. It’s our first line of defense against the elements in our environment; it protects us from injury; it helps rid our bodies of toxins; it literally holds us together. We often forget that the skin is the largest organ of our body.

What we feed our bodies plays a vital role in our vitality, and the same goes for what we feed our skin. We invite you to expand your skincare treatment experience beyond just your beautiful face – and give other hardworking areas of your body some much deserved TLC.

Below are a few of the NEW ways you can nourish your skin at Root.

These enhancements can be added to your massage or organic facial appointment.

back skin treatment

Skin on your back is hard to reach for proper maintenance. Leave it up to your therapist to care for it with hand-selected organic products that will leave your skin hydrated, nourished and blemish free. This 15-minute treatment begins with cleansing and exfoliating of your skin with a creamy shea butter scrub, followed by a mineral rich mud mask. This includes 72 trace minerals and salts from the Great Lakes, which work to replenish minerals that we may be deficient in – helping to address skin conditions both topically and internally. Think of it as a smoothie for your skin. Anti-inflammatory thermal powder is then applied to deliver a healing nutrient boost. This restorative experience ends with the massaged application of a hydrating whipped body cream.

detox moor mud treatment

Suffering from chronic pain? Consider the addition of our hot or cold targeted Moor mud treatment for improved blood flow and healing. Moor mud is rich in humic and fluvic acids which provide the vehicle for delivery of nutrients. In addition, it’s comprised of chelatic properties, which form bonds with heavy metals and toxins to make them impossible for tissues to absorb. Areas of discomfort, muscle spasm, and many other concerns can be improved by increased circulation – which this enhancement helps facilitate. Your therapist will apply a Moor mud pack to the painful area. In the post-subacute state of injury, it will get covered with a heating pack. For the acute and sub-acute state, the pack will be cold. The targeted area is covered and left for 15-20 min while your treatment continues. Moor mud packs improve healing, support circulation and detoxification of the body, and are very effective in both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

therapeutic hand and/or foot treatment

Whether it’s washing dishes, picking blackberries, texting or computer work, your hard-working hands get beat up all throughout the day. And did you know 25% of all our bones and muscles are in our feet? Wearing shoes with a heal or those that don’t allow our bones and muscles to move freely, can wreak havoc on them. During this 15-minute treatment, your therapist will complete a cleansing, exfoliation and mineral rich mud mask treatment (using the same organic products offered in the back treatment). Skin salve with warming mitts and boots supply hydration to complete this healing experience.

ecofin hand and/or foot treatment

Ecofin is the natural, petroleum-free alternative to paraffin. A rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba and organic coconut oils – plus shea butter and vitamin E – moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and nourished. One time use pouches are warmed and applied directly as gloves on your hands and/or feet. Your therapist will then put on warming mitts/boots – followed by a massage of the products into the skin. You’ll experience hydrated and nourished skin, along with deep penetrating warmth for joint health.

These enhancements can be added to your organic facial appointment.

regenerate facial treatment

This highly effective treatment allows you to experience the results of multiple facials in one session. Your therapist will gently glide the Regenerate Facial device over taught skin. Unique sphere shaped tips on this device create micro channels in the skin, allowing Osmosis active ingredients to be driven deeper for optimal skin restoration. It’s a non-invasive treatment that enhances product absorption. Your skin will receive gentle exfoliation, increased hydration, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and overall improved health and texture.

corrective facial lift (cupping)

Gentle facial cupping (that feel like small kisses), will improve the overall results of your facial treatment. As part of the facial massage, your therapist uses small glass cups to either glide or do gentle suction and release. Facial cupping will brighten, tighten, improve circulation, while reducing any puffiness. Light suction strengthens the dermis of the face by correcting circulation deficiencies and stimulating fibroblasts to increase collagen production, thereby improving elasticity.

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