Sugar Craving

Sugar Craving Survival Kit

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chocolate cravings 911

Not quite ready to go cold turkey? What to do when the mid-day sugar craving attacks.

step 1: check yourself before you wreck yourself – stop. breathe.

Ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. What am I feeling that may have triggered this craving (bored, sad, lonely, angry)?
  2. Is this what I really need? If not, what is it (hug, warm bath, friend date, etc)?

Drink Water. Eat an Apple. Take a Walk. If – if the answer is ‘I NEED CHOCOLATE RIGHT NOW! Move to step 2…

step 2: choose the BEST quality treat you can afford.

So you decided to honor your desire for something sweet. Great. There is a big difference between your co-worker’s Halloween candy full of additives and refined sugar and a high quality piece of organic dark chocolate.

Savor it like it’s the last piece of chocolate you will ever eat, then let it go.

Be mindful. Let in the chocolate melt in your mouth and fully experience the pleasure. Check in after each bite. Satisfied? If not, take another mindful bite and enjoy. Repeat until you’ve had ‘enough.’

All done? Own your decision to indulge, then let it go. Feelings of guilt will only send you in a downward spiral head first into the gallon of ice cream you swore you wouldn’t touch. You’re not perfect, but you’re making progress. Let that be enough.

common side-effects of quitting sugar + processed foods:

  • The 3 pm urge to curl in a ball and nap under your desk has disappeared.
  • Your co-workers randomly comment on how bright your skin looks.
  • You proudly walk by the vending machine without the urge to battle it out with the last snickers bar left in row C1.
  • You feel more ‘roomy’ in your work pants.
  • Your mood swings are magically gone..
  • The thought of walking up 3 flights of stairs to the bathroom doesn’t seem so daunting.
  • You’ve been taking more bathroom breaks during the day and it makes you feel proud.

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