Summer Eating

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Fresh Foods of Summer

Summer foods are like a gift from nature, a celebration of tastes, colors, and textures straight from nature’s abundance.  Summertime eating should, and can be, no-fuss, no-muss, as the majority of your foods in the hot summer months can be enjoyed raw for delicious flavor and powerful cleansing.

Before we get to all of the great things that you should be enjoying more of in the summer, let’s first address some things that can put your body out of balance if you include them in your diet too often in the summer months.  First, avoid all heavy, oily, or fried foods.  Alcohol can actually raise your body temperature quite significantly, so drink in moderation if at all.  (At your next barbeque, think along the lines of a lemon-ginger-fresh mint spritzer made with just splash of rum or vodka, as opposed to knocking down a few beers).  Speaking of barbeques, meat should be eaten much more conservatively this time of year. So if you are going to barbeque food, grill up portabella mushrooms, or make gorgeous veggie-kebobs in lieu of greasy hamburgers.

The key of summer eating is to think fresh and light.  Summer is a time of playful expansion in the energy of the body, as opposed to the contraction towards your core in the winter months of more restful hibernation and rebuilding.

Take a trip to your local farmer’s market, and see how many different colors that you could include in a salad.  Add whimsy and flavor to your food by using a lot of fresh herbs and edible flowers.  Volunteer for the day at a local community garden if you do not have your own garden at home.  Go pick berries from an orchard – kids love this, so take your own children, nieces or nephews, or friends children and give them an experience of seeing up close how whole foods grow.  Make a veggie-filled gazpacho and surprise your neighbor with a batch when they come home from work on a steamy summer day – when they realize they won’t have to slave over a hot stove, they will love you!  (Here’s a yummy vegan recipe that couldn’t be more simple: Start your day with a vibrant, tangy fruit smoothie.  Eat fruit straight from the tree, still sun-kissed and warm.

Take care of your body’s needs this time of the year by including as many fresh fruits and veggies as you can, in any way that you can.  Eat more raw food.  Take advantage of the variety and colors of the season. But most of all, enjoy the summer and all of the gifts it offers