Video Conferencing with our Clinicians

Telemedicine Appointments: Video Conferencing with our Clinicians

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What is Telemedicine? 

Definition: The remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.

Root Whole Body and Dr. Katherine Walker have started a Telehealth HIPAA compliant system using Zoom Video Conferencing that keeps us connected and compliant with appointments.

We specifically started this system in order to continue care for our long distance patients and now with the spread of the Coronavirus we want to make sure our patients feel safe in any location (home or office) while still receiving care. 

How Do I Book A TeleHealth Appointment?
It is easy! All you have to do is request a TeleHealth appointment either over the phone or online. The system will send you a link before your appointment and log into this link before your appointment begins.

Does My Insurance Cover TeleHealth?
Yes, most likely! Most major health insurance carriers are covering this just like an office visit. In the past few insurances were, but this has recently changed! You can have a doctor visit from your office or comfort of your home without having to sit in traffic, drive in bad weather, or worry about getting others sick in the waiting room.

What Is TeleHealth Used For?
TeleHealth can be used to consult on labs, review your symptoms if you are sick, consult on natural remedies, herbs or pain relief exercises you can do at home, and general office visits. Obviously we cannot draw your blood through a screen or complete a physical exam, but TeleHealth can be used in place of many types of office visits. If you need to complete blood work before your Telehealth appointment, you will be sent a lab request and referred to an in-network lab. You can also do blood work at either Root Whole Body locations.